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Improve your photography skills with personalized, one-to-one lessons with Lance Lee, our Master Photographer.

Lance Lee has pioneered AsiaPhoto’s unique 3-step approach to make you a better photographer.

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Identifying your goals and your preferred visual style


  • First, we review your recent photographs to assess your current skill level and sense of aesthetics
  • Next, we recommend a list of other master photographers’ works to help determine the visual style you prefer
  • Finally, we propose a fast-paced plan for you to improve quickly while building a stronger portfolio
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Practise and Create



  • The fastest way to improve is to keep practising, shooting and comparing
  • Our instructor Lance Lee will shoot together with you, so you can compare your images with his
  • Learning by comparison, you get to see how a professional conceptualize, compose and create
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Retouching and editing to build a stronger portfolio


  • After each photography field trip, Lance will edit and review the images with you, explaining why certain shots are preferred over others
  • Demonstrating how to retouch using photoshop, you get to understand how shapes, colours and tonalities work together to form great images

Our forté is in portrait photography, and if you prefer, we can also help to organize shoots with models for you. Or you can take pictures of your family and friends, capturing precious visual memories while learning how to take better photographs.

Personalize, Mix and Match what you’d like to learn

Composition 101

This is great even if you are just a mobile phone photographer with no intention to invest in a DSLR or Rangefinder Digital camera.

Natural Light + Flashes

See how different light of the day works to your advantage in making good portraits, and how to use diffusers or reflectors to add visual impact to your images.

Portrait Photography

Learn how to find the best angles to shoot portraits of different individuals. We will show you how to hide their flaws and show their better sides.

Studio and Flash Lighting

If you wish to go beyond available-light photography, we will teach you how to work in a studio setup, or mix flash-photography with available light in an indoor setting or outdoor location.

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Photoshop and Lightroom

Good digital retouching make good photographs great.

With 20+ years of experience with post-processing, Lance can help bring your image editing skills to new levels.

Course Costs

Fees expressed in HKD

2-Hour Lesson


Bring a friend for an additional HKD $600

3-Hour Lesson


Bring a friend for an additional $750

Three 3-Hour Lessons Package Deal


Book and pre-pay for three 3-hour lessons for a special price.
Take all three lessons in one day, or spread them out over several days.
Bring a friend for an additional $1500

* Note* – Additional costs will be added for Studio rentals and modelling fees, as needed. Please inquire for costs.

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