family photography shoot of 3 kids


We offer a full range of Family Photography services, from small families to multi-generational families. There’s no better time than now to capture those special moments of happiness, to be cherished forever.

Kids at Sentosa

Capturing photos of your kids when they’re having fun in their natural environment will provide some special memories for years to come. Let us help create those cherished memories of your kids, at home or wherever they like to have fun.

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Kids at Sentosa image
Family photography session on bed

Blossom Family

Fashion photographer Lance Lee loves photographing families of all sizes. The Blossom family was photographed at home and on location, and included grandparents.

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Family Photography at Home

Photographs of your family can be captured anywhere that you prefer. Most often, it’s your home that serves as the ideal backdrop for the memories you want to keep. Let us help you make that decision so you get the best results possible.

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Photograph of an Asian family with 3 generations, by AsiaPhoto photographer Lance Lee.

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