Photography Portfolio by Lance Lee

Kids at Sentosa image
Kids at Sentosa
Family photography session on bed
Blossom Family
family photos 09 lancelee asiaphoto sq
Family Portraits at Home
portraits beauty books lancelee asiaphoto sq
Female Portraits
1 portraits linzhiling2632 lancelee asiaphoto sq
Lin Zhi Ling
Family photography session on bed
Sun Qian
Family photography session on bed
Li Ai
lee kuan yew 13025 lancelee asiaphoto
Portraits of Lee Kuan Yew for his book
liberte two terriers lancelee asiaphoto
People & Pets
jill tuffle2085 lancelee asiaphoto sq
Jill’s Dogs
awan3908 lancelee asiaphoto sq
2 PAP 00020 web lancelee asiaphoto sq
People’s Action Party
mens uno styling lancelee asiaphoto sq
Men’s Uno
lkdl dan lancelee asiaphoto 800

Lance Lee is a Singaporean fashion photographer and photojournalist based in Asia.
He was shooting celebrities, fashion editorials and advertising in Beijing from 2008 – 2015 before relocating to Hong Kong.

Lance is passionate about sharing and teaching. He has trained many photographers and digital retouchers.

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