5 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Pet Photographer

Photograph of girl with a dog at sunset, by AsiaPhoto photographer Lance Lee.

5 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Pet Photographer

With the quality of today’s phone cameras, it may not be obvious why you would need to hire a professional pet photographer. Afterall, no one knows your own pets better than you, and you spend a lot more time with them, allowing you to grab those precious moments.

But pet photography is just like other forms of professional photography. For many of the same reasons you would trust a professional photographer to shoot your wedding, you should consider hiring a professional pet photographer to photograph your pets.

Here are 5 reasons why you should hire a pet photographer:

1 – When You Want to be Photographed With Your Pet

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It’s not that easy to get a good photograph when you’re both the photographer and the subject. While it’s true that selfies are a common photography style these days, they aren’t usually something you’d print and frame on your wall.

Shooting a selfie using a phone tends to distort the proportions of your faces when you hold the camera out at arm’s length. And it can be difficult to fit both you and your pet(s) into the frame, especially if you have a few pets. Plus, you need to manage your camera, and keep the pets engaged – and those moments are fleeting.

A professional photographer would use cameras with a telephoto lens that captures images with more flattering perspectives. Proper professional equipment can make you look more proportionate and slimmer. Wide angle lenses used in camera phones tend to make you look wider. Have you ever noticed that noses tend to look bigger in selfie pictures than how they look in real life?

2 – Digital Retouching Results in Better Looking Pictures

Professional photographers use editing software like Photoshop and Lightroom to improve your pictures. With digital retouching, they can tweak the colours, contrast and tonalities to enhance your photos in an artistic way. Plus, image files from professional gear would allow better quality prints than what you’d get from a mobile phone image.

In this example, we tweaked the faded pink wall to make it look more saturated. That gives an overall more stylized look. Move the slider to see the before and after images.

3 – Digital Compositing to Get the Perfect Look

If you are not a professional model, it’s likely that you get tired if you have to keep smiling for a series of photos. Plus, dogs and cats are easily distracted, so they won’t look perfect in every image either. If you are taking a portrait with one or more pets, it can be very difficult to get all of you looking good at the same time. Your pets may be looking away when you are giving your best smile, or they may be blinking when you are not.

Professional retouchers can combine two or more images into one so that every human and creature looks great in the same shot.

In this shot, pet owner Jordan has the best expression but his pet Truffle’s eyes were closed. Using Photoshop, we digitally cloned Truffle’s eyes from another image, and added them to this image. Move the slider to see the differences between the photos.

4 – Professional Photographers are experts with lighting and backgrounds

Let’s face it, there are some skills in photography that don’t instantly appear once you buy a camera (or phone). Professional photographers have honed their craft through thousands and thousands of hours of education, practice, and jobs. Their ability to understand lighting and backgrounds, and how they affect the way your pet (and you) look, can make a world of a difference in the final image.

Leaving those details to a professional, so you only have to concentrate on how your pet looks, will result in better photos.

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5 – Puppies Don’t Stay Puppies Forever

Photograph of girl with a dog at sunset, by AsiaPhoto photographer Lance Lee.

Dogs grow up really fast. Capturing great images of your furry family member while it’s still young is so important. Having photographs made professionally during this time in their life is something you’d never regret doing. And being photographed with them as puppies can only be done during a small window of time. Trust that time to a professional, and you can concentrate on enjoying that time with your puppy, rather than trying to photograph it.

Now that you’re armed with 5 reasons why you should hire a pet photographer, you should also know that AsiaPhoto provides pet photography services in Hong Kong. Photographs of your pets (with or without you) can be created in your home, or on location in the city, or even in a studio – whichever appeals more to your needs. Please check with us for a quick consultation through this website.