Our travel tours operate with the same idea as our Workshops, but with the added incentive of luxury travel. Imagine visiting an exotic location with several like-minded photographers and a Mentor that helps you get travel images that you’d never thought possible before. Our local experts design and lead tours to the best places that exist in Asia, all with the planned purpose of obtaining photographs instead of souvenirs. We travel off the beaten path, and spend time with local people who know the areas best, but with your comfort in mind.

We also offer private training and private tours for individuals or couples. We specialize in travel to luxury locations that allow highly personalized photography training. We visit beautiful resorts with inspiring visuals, and design a training program specifically for your needs, that will provide you with a unique photography trip you won’t soon forget. Increase your photography skills and enjoy a luxury vacation while you’re at it.

Check out our ever-growing list of photography tours in China, East Asia and South East Asia here…