Koh Samui – A private photographic tour for couples

Koh Samui is the most luxurious of all Thai islands. This jewel in the Gulf of Thailand contains more 5-star hotels than any other in the country. The beauty of this island is unmatched in Thailand, the Land of Smiles.

Your journey begins as you touch down at the Koh Samui airport, and we whisk you away to your 5-star resort hotel along the beach. You’ll have a chance to relax and maybe have a spa treatment before we begin our adventure.

During the 4 days we spend together, we’ll cover a wide variety of photography styles including environmental portraits, off camera flash, beauty lighting and more. We’ll visit the best locations that the island has to offer for capturing the photographs of you and by you. You’ll learn how to photograph your significant other with the best techniques known today.

Each day and night will be tailored to suit your schedule and needs. You’ll have the perfect blend of instruction, training, shooting and private time. Your evenings are your own, to spend as you wish. The skills training you’ll receive is completely at your own schedule. And you’ll come away with photographs you’ll be proud of, and new skills that you can continue to perfect.

Koh Samui offers some of the best beaches and landscapes in all of Thailand. And combined with your luxurious 5-star resort villa, this is an ideal place to learn some new photography skills while on a relaxing vacation with your loved one.

Your Vacation in Koh Samui begins with a registration