Photoshop for Portraits and Fashion Photography - A Master Class

Shooting the photo is only half the work in photography. Gaining a mastery of Photoshop is essential for photographers today. Let Master Photographer and Photoshop Guru, Lance Lee, help you get up to speed with the software that every photographer should understand.


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What is this class?

Photoshop for Portraits and Fashion Photography
– A MasterClass by Lance Lee

Who should attend?

This Master Class is ideal for Serious Amateurs and Emerging Professionals who want to advance their skill set in Photoshop, taught by an internationally famous fashion photographer that is also an expert in Photoshop editing.

When does it happen?

Check with us for upcoming dates

Where does the class take place?

150 Lockhart Road, Wanchai ( near exit A1 of Wanchai MTR station)

Why should you attend this class?

 – for Serious Amateurs
Lots of useful photoshop techniques for serious amateurs to apply right away and see an improvement to their portfolio immediately. Participants are encouraged to bring the raw files of their portfolio images and work on them using newly learnt photoshop methods. And walk away with a new realization on how to shoot differently in future.

– for Emerging Professionals
Lots of industrial knowledge and professional experience will be shared by Lance Lee, who has worked professionally in Singapore, China (for the past seven years) and shot around the world.Practical advice and methods on how to prioritize the retouching of your commercial images to get the best images to your clients in the shortest deadlines. While you may already know many of the photoshop techniques covered in this masterclass, Lance Lee will show you a more efficient and mastery way of doing things professionally.

Topics Covered / Masterclass outline

The least you should know


about photoshop tools and techniques. Lance Lee will do a quick overview of the most-commonly used tools and methods in photoshop retouching and digital imaging – emphasizing which are the ones you should learn first and those that you should spend more time and effort to refine and master


The Fundamentals on digital imaging


Learn an efficient and practical way to retouch, enhance (and sometimes) transform the look of your images.



Common Mistakes and how to avoid them


Pay attention to these to save hours and days of wasted work.


Creating a Style and Look


Particularly useful for budding professionals and certainly an inspiring eye-opener for beginners and serious amateurs – this will help shape the way you progress and grow as a photographer.


Class size: Minimum 6, Maximum 16        Fees: $3000 HKD

Become the Photoshop Guru you knew you were

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