Discover Bangkok with a Camera

Discover Bangkok as a photographer with AsiaPhoto instructors, and return with more than the typical tourist photos. This workshop is suitable for serious amateur photographers (both local and visiting) keen to discover new ways of seeing and composing their shots.

This one-to-one workshop is designed to expand your photographic capabilities and techniques. The relationship is more than just a tutor/pupil relationship. Your instructor will accompany you along this journey as a mentor offering advice, tips and new technical perspectives, and new ways to see, on top of looking for photography moments and capturing them. There will be fluidity that allows your instructor to respond to what happens along the way, customize and teach you new things as it goes.

What we will cover:

    • Digital camera user tips and techniques, workflow solutions, working with RAW files and JPEGs, image enhancement and more.
    • The approach to street photography and how to capture decisive moments unobtrusively.
    • As travel and street photographers, you will learn the art of seeing, capturing familiar city structures, events, and landmarks that give Bangkok its unique personality.

Workshop Fees: ฿12,000 THB per person
Workshop Time: 4 hours of your choosing, morning, afternoon or evening

For more information and to discuss further, please contact us by email:
Meeting point is flexible, but will be centrally located. The workshop is recommended for local or visiting photographers who already have a strong foundation in photography.
Workshop dates are based on student presence in Bangkok.
The course is available as a one-to-one personalized class, but we can also arrange small group workshops.

Become One With Bangkok

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