About Us

AsiaPhoto is a network of photographers in Asia who love travelling, photography, and sharing their skills and knowledge with others.

Our Philosophy

” Passion + Focus = Profit ”

Many photographers are working like starving artists. We believe with the right focus and direction, you can enjoy a good lifestyle while learning, growing and working as a photographer in Asia. (Refer to ” Earn as you learn program” )

The History
AsiaPhoto’s first incarnation was an online photography magazine and forum founded by Lance Lee in 1997 when he was an intern photographer with the Straits Times in Singapore. That was during the dot-com boom and it received a half-a-million investment from Tithes Marketing to grow it into an e-commerce venture for selling cameras online. Unfortunately, it didn’t become Asia’s BHphotovideo.com and the company folded during the dot-com crash in 2001.

Lance Lee went on to become a fashion photographer and AsiaPhoto.com remained as a less-active photography forum after its editorial management disbanded.

In 2009, Lance Lee left Singapore to work in China where he met fellow photographers and instructors Gloria Chiang (Singapore) and Ian Robert Knight (Canada) at the Beijing Center of Photography. They share a common passion for both photography and travel (since all three of them chose to leave their countries to work in various Asian cities). Eventually, Lance Lee relocated to Hong Kong while Ian Robert Knight settled down in Bangkok and Gloria Chiang remained in Beijing.

In 2015, they decided to relaunch AsiaPhoto.com and grow it to become a platform for photographers to learn and socialize online and to travel and create in Asia.

We welcome you to join our team and/or earn as you learn with us

What we do
We create video tutorials to share our knowledge and experience shooting in Asia. We organize workshops and photography tours all over Asia.

We also share a philosophy that we can profit from our passions with the right focus. As we travel around Asia to preach this philosophy, we invite more talents to join our growing team. If you love to travel and have the knowledge and passion to share, start first by posting in our forums and interact with us there.

If you are still learning, check out our video tutorials and articles on photography and travel.
The fastest way to learn is to join our workshops and tours in various Asian countries.